First aid training

Are you wanting to undertake Basic First Aid Training, which enriches you skills and knowledge within dealing with the following:

  • Know the correct procedure and actions to be taken in the event of an emergency occurring
  • Know how to use cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods CPR, including use of an AED…
  • Know how to Provide first aid to an unconscious casualty
  • Know how to provide first aid to a choking casualty, adults, paediatrics and infants
  • Know how to implement the correct actions to control wounds and bleeding

The training will take place at our purpose built training room, which will involve theory and practical training sessions, to enable the students to implement the skills with theory. Once you have completed the one day course, you will be provided with a valid training certificate for 12 months.

The Basic First Aid awareness course will provide you with vital information that one day may result in you saving someone’s life, we offer competitive pricing to allow everyone to learn a new skill. The courses are run on weekdays and weekends, depending on the need of course

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