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Get your Mandatory Training Certificate in One Day, this can also be delivered at a venue near you or the work place

Mandatory training is an undertaking that benefits nurses, care home staff and carers. The aim of the training is to provide high quality care, minimise risks and create a workplace environment which is safe and professionally run.

Most care workers, including nurses are required to complete their mandatory training within a very short time of taking up a new position. This is induction training and must be carried out whether you are full-time, part time or an agency worker.

At the beginning of every new job, there is a great deal to take in and remember, imagine that on top of all this you have to attend a number of courses to cover your mandatory training, or even study after a hard day’s work to complete the course.

The same applies to staff who are required to take refresher courses, or renew their annual certificate. You are a busy person, both at work and at home.

The Elite Mandatory Training Group offer one day courses at their specialist training facility in Cannock, Staffordshire and covers the twelve basic modules with practical assessments included. All our trainers meet current teaching standards, which have been approved.

In just one day with The Elite Mandatory training group you could have the training certificate in your hands. No more worry or stressing about getting a module done. You will receive seven hours of face to face training, which includes practical assessments. This will give you the confidence you need to work efficiently with the knowledge that you have complied with your mandatory training schedule.

The course covers all the required modules in just one day, here are the modules you will cover and you can read more about the day’s training here.

Basic Life Support – All care workers should have this training. Whether you are a hospital worker or a care home worker, you are looking after vulnerable people who may need your attention in an emergency situation.

Manual Handling – Moving patients with or without a hoist needs careful handling, not only to look after your patient, but to take care not to injure yourself in the process. Our training session demonstrates the correct way to handle a patient and protect yourself from injury.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health – We will teach you how to assess risk and prevent accidents when handling toxic substances.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults – We teach you how to recognise signs of abuse and what to do if abuse is suspected.

Fire Safety Awareness – How to deal with fires should they occur, how to safely evacuate a building and how to reduce the risk of fire.

The Caldicott Principles – We walk you through the principals and discuss their requirements.

Infection Control – General awareness of infection and prevention control.

Safeguarding Children – We walk you through the skills required for recognising and dealing with child abuse, working as part of a team and looking after children’s welfare.

Health and Safety at Work – You will be introduced to health and safety aspects and provided with information to ensure that you are aware of and meet, safety standards.

Food Hygiene – Food Hygiene training means that you know about the risks of contamination and keep your patients safe from food poisoning.

Lone Working – Guidance and advice to keep lone workers safe.

Conflict Management – How to deal with difficult patients or situations, by keeping calm and not losing your temper.

All this in just one day, spent in pleasant surroundings, with other care professionals and your 12 month certificate in your hand before you head home.

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