Pet’s first aid course

Pet’s first aid course

These courses are designed to teach you first aid techniques to enable you to help preserve life of your loved one, this course will enable you to provide a response to your pet’s needs, this training will provide you with a piece of mind to assist you and your pet within unforeseen circumstances, basic awareness can promote life, so don’t loose your pet through not having the knowledge of providing first aid response. The certificate’s will be provided and valid for 2 years, training will take place within our training venues in Cannock Staffordshire.

The Pet First Aid Course includes the following and many other topics that will be taught on the day of the course: –

The vet and your role in first aid, keeping your pet safe in an emergency Car Accidents, Pet proofing your home, how pets show pain, checking your pet’s health, Pet Accidents and First Aid, Breathing and respiratory problems including choking, Dog CPR, Drowning, Shock, Broken Bones, Spinal injury and moving an injured pet, tending to your pet, Controlling Bleeding, Dressings and Bandages, Paw Problems, Ears, Eyes, and Mouth, Bandaging the Ear Bandaging the Tail, Illnesses, Poisoning, Bites, and Stings, Burns and temperature related problems, different types and sizes of animals, the older dog, Cats, Small dog care, Puppies and young animals, Summary of Pet First Aid, Traveling with your dog abroad.

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